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Western Civilization Lesson 5: A brief overview, important events in Hebrew history from Abraham to Moses

From the story of Abraham, the first important event was the promise made to him from God that even if it seems that he won’t be able to carry on with a future generation, God pointed to the stars and said for him to look around and know that the amount of stars in the sky is the generation to come whenever he dies. Abraham was able to reach to all his destinations peacefully knowing what God promised him. After some time in Egypt he returns to the place called Bethel. There he gets separated from Lot and they both enter into their new chosen lands.

Knowing that Abrahams wife Sarah can’t have a child, she tells Abraham to receive child from their servant and therefore Ismael was born. Due to some uncalled things for whenever Isaac was born, Abraham sent his servant and her child of to a path of their own. Long after the sacrifice attempt to God for Isaac, he gets married to both Leah and his beloved Rachael. He had 12 sons to which he favored Joseph and Benjamin the most (sons of Rachael). Joseph’s older brothers loathed their brother causing them to sell him into slavery. The whole famous story of Joseph ends with his family and the rest of the people being saved from the famine that occurred for 7 years under Joseph’s leadership.

After the death of Joseph, Egypt feared at the amount of Hebrews being born each year. The leader of Egypt decided to throw out newborn baby boys but one was saved. This one newborn Hebrew boy by the name of Moses, would save an entire Hebrew nation from slavery. Growing up, knowing about the existence of God, he kept being persistent on letting his people go. Many plagues were sent out but the final plague was when the ruler finally let the Hebrews free. Later on changing his mind the leader grabs his army ad went out to get his slaves back, but ends up dying.

Going throughout all these hardships the people wanted more. They didn’t like the fact that this God freed them from slavery and now they are out there in the middle of nowhere constantly walking to who knows where at that point. The people were done waiting therefore created a God of their own. Moses, of course, being in rage after what they’ve done, has them justified with death. Passing his leadership to Joshua, Moses died in peace in the Mount of Sinai. Joshua led the people into the promised land that was promised to them after being free from slavery.

That was a brief overview between the Hebrew history of Abraham and Moses. I hope you liked this essay. πŸ˜… Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day or evening!

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