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Business 2 Lesson 10: Comparing the franchise model against going independent and “doing your own thing.”

The big difference between the franchise model and working independently is that franchise has the idea created for you so that all you do is to serve and bring that idea to life whilst working independently, you have to create the idea and produce the idea on your own.

Franchise model has its ups and downs. The ups are that you don’t have to create an idea for a business for it’s been created for you. Just like MacDonald’s, the burger ideas have been created and all you have to do is make the burger and serve it to your customer. The downs for a franchise business is that in all the work you do, the overall money goes tor the CEO.

An independent business also has its ups and downs just like any other type of business. The ups for an independent business is that you’re the boss and you get to create that unique idea. It’s up to you, if you want to produce the idea on your own or hire employees. The downs for this business type is that since your the boss, you have to make sure that whatever money you earn it goes for all the bills that the building requires such as; electricity, water, payment for the employees, and etc. Making sure that you have enough money for yourself. Having a nice running business is very important, because if your business isn’t doing very well, where are you going to get the money to pay the bills, how are you going to pay your employees. Being an independent worker is more tough than you think.

That would be all for this essay I hope you learned something or I hope you at least enjoyed reading it. I’ll be posting more soon and see you next time!

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