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English 2 Lesson 10: What was the of importance of ethics and sanctions in the story of Noah and the Flood?

Before I get to the importance of the story Noah and the Ark, I’ll summarize the story of how it began and on which note this story ends at.

Noah and his family were one of the people out of everyone that followed God’s law and pleased him the most. There what one thing, however, that displeased God a lot. It was the fact at how much evil was on earth. God wanted to wipe out every sinner and has instructed Noah to build an Ark. An Ark that was 3 hundred cubits, width of it 50 cubits, and the height of it 30 cubits. While building this Ark the neighbors and other people would laugh at Noah for suddenly building this Ark out of nowhere. Noah had agreed with God that there was no hope for all these people. When it comes to the animals God has given grace for most of them, so in that case God told Noah to grab a female and a male of each instructed animal and make space for them in the Ark. Basically the Ark was supposed to be ginormous mainly because of all the animals that Noah has to take with him.

God was patient and gave Noah all the time he needed in order to build the Ark. After the finished construction God made sure to give Noah the time to place every animal in their spot, the food for the animals/as well as food for Noah and his family, and the time to prepare for take off. When that day came, rain started to pour down covering the earth slowly. While everyone was panicking they noticed the Ark in which Noah had built and they begged Noah to let them in. Noah obviously didn’t invite them as the big flood was their punishment. When everyone settled in the Ark, God shut the big door and 40 days of surviving began. For 40 days and 40 nights Noah, his wife, his three sons, and their wives took care of the animals. Noah sent out a dove for when it returns, the tree branch resting on its mouth would be God’s Grace for them all. After landing, Noah and his family gathered everything and everyone and settled into the new lands. God has sent a rainbow as a sign of Grace for Noah and a promise to never punish mankind by flooding the earth. So, the rainbow was a sign of Grace and Promise.

Ok, well, that wasn’t exactly a summary ’cause I just said the whole story, but anyways now that we get the story we can make out some important notes about it. For me the importance of this story was how the moral law works. Mankind disobeyed God’s law, therefore suffered their punishment. While on the other hand, here’s Noah and his family, they were graced by God because they followed God’s law and pleased him in there doings. Noah agrees with God that evildoers must face their consequences. God’s law also says that whomever you love you, you must also punish them. What this statement means, whenever you love someone like when a father loves their son/daughter they must also punish them for their wrong doings. Punishing their children helps the children to learn a lesson. When reading that phrase, don’t be alarmed by the punishing part because, when the father punishes, he punishes out of love for his kids.

That would be all for this essay. Thanks for stopping by and reading it, I’ll post more later and have a great day!

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