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Western Civ Lesson 10: Write a summary on the book 6 of the Iliad and on the Minoan Crete

In book 6 we learn that Hector was a spirit lifted person with big motivation in what is right. Hector is married with one child and he’s known for killing many Greeks and seeks out Fame for himself and his family. He was the town’s hero as well as an important person in Trojan civilization. While Achilles sat out the war, his cousin gets killed by Hector and therefore starts a mad killing spree to avenge for his cousin. Achilles ends up killing Hector in the battle causing Hector’s father Priam to convince Achilles to bring Hector’s dead body in the burial grounds. He gives them time to mourn and then the story ends there before the battle does.

Minoan Crete was an ancient civilization on the island of Crete thought to be a legend until it was discovered by an English archeologist Sir Arthur Evans explored it in 1899.  Knossos was a city discovered and thought to be a political and a cultural because of all the art shown on the walls and a palace that’s called Minos. Two languages were discovered on this island: Linear A, and Linear B. Linear B was transliterated in 1952, and was found to be an early form of the Greek alphabet. Linear A, however, hasn’t been discovered and yet to be deciphered. A fresco painting with a man jumping over a bull has been found in Knossos up against the walls, which is believed to be a religious ritual. Unfortunately, Minoan Crete was invaded by Mycenaean Greece around 1400 BC.

That’s all for this essay I hope ya learned something from it. I’ll post more later and have a great rest of your day!

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