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Business 2 Lesson 15: Harry Browne’s 5-point sales process

Harry Browne’s 5 simple steps to sell anything are:

1.) Get Attention

2.) Identify the problem or need

3.) Present your product (or service) as the solution

4.) Prove your case

5.) Ask for the order

The most important step is actually the very first one because, you can’t do the rest of the steps unless you grab attention first. Right? When you want to present a solution to someone’s problem you need them to notice you. When you get a customer, that’s where step 2 comes in. You want to find out if they are looking for something or a tool/product that can be a solution to the problem they are having. That’s when step 3 comes. When presenting your product or service you shouldn’t tell the customer the benefits of this product/service, you need to tell them how this product/service will help them solve their problem.

When this customer is unsure of how to feel about this product/service due to not knowing of how good it really is according to the description given to them, that’s when step 4 comes in. To prove your case, you could tell the customer of your past experiences with this job, or if your parent does this job you could tell them that you have learned things from your parent. When the customer feels enlightened about the product/service step 5 gives the customer a little push. Step 5 is ask them to order, meaning asking your customer, “should we sign the papers” or “is it a deal then?” These questions is a sign of a successful closing. These 5 steps are a base of how to efficiently communicate with different people and getting to know how you could assist them.

Also, a bonus for your business, whenever you don’t have something the customer is looking for all you do, is just recommend them a place where they might sell or have what the customer is looking for. That way you’ll build an honest brand name for yourself. It’s also a great way to bring back more customers because, they will start to rely and trust a bit more on you.

That’s all for this essay I hope these tips help you, future entrepreneurs, to communicate better with the people you’re dealing with. Have a very great rest of your day!

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