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Western Civ Lesson 15: Answer to 2 topics

Why is pre-Socratic philosophy significant

In the story Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus and his men were on a trip and stumbled upon an obstacle, whom happened to be a flesh eating monster. Refusing his hospitality, Odysseus and his me were imprisoned and and everyday one or two crew members would get eaten. When there were 6 members left Odysseus takes action. He does so by offering him the finest of their wine, Cyclops therefore gets drunk and passes out. The crew mates use this opportunity to take a pole and stabbed his one and only eye to make him go blind. At the end they escape and made sure that whoever passes the waters won’t be eaten that easily by Cyclops.

The other topic I chose was about why pre-Socratic philosophers were so significant. The pre-Socratic philosophers refused to accept the traditional mythological explanations of their surroundings. Instead, they asked questions like; “From where does everything come?”,  “From what is everything created and how?”, “How is it that in nature everything is balanced?” This is very important because, if it weren’t for these philosophers, our way of thinking today would be much different. Just because of the way these pre-Socratic philosophers thought made our technologies more advanced, we can study nature more efficiently, and nowadays more things are being advanced in general because of this simple way of thinking.

That’s all for this essay, hope you liked it. Have a great rest of your day!

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