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Business 2 Lesson 20: My favorite product-based company

I have a lot of product-based companies that are my favorite such as Apple (the obvious one XD), Dell, Nars, L’oreal, La mer, and etc. I could go on honestly. People constantly look for ways to make our lives more simple and create things that are convenient and easy to use. For this essay, however, I’m going to introduce you to this product company called Curology.

This product is specifically designed for your skin type (according to the reviews made by other users). Before purchasing this amazing product you first have to answer some questions such as: your skin type, allergies (they do this so that whatever the product is made out of won’t make your skin worse but better), firmness, whether you’re having troubles with breakouts, uneven skin tone, and etc. it only takes about 5 minutes to take your skin quiz.

After you have taken the quiz complete the order information and should wait a couple of days before you try it out. You’re given a free shipping item when starting to use Curology. The reviews for this product have been pretty high. A lot of people received clear skin in just a few weeks or months. All those acne struggles that we can all relate to, all those nasty breakouts that ruin our day, dark spot problems, all of that is resolved thanks to Curology. If you have bad skin problems and (just like me) have tried every possible thing, check out Curology. I highly recommend this product to those of you whose skin isn’t in it’s best condition.

That’s all for this essay, hope you found something useful, or hope you at least enjoyed reading it. I’ll post more soon and have a great rest of you day!

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