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Western Civ 1 Lesson 20: Answer to the 2 following topics

The topics I chose:

1. What was the disagreement Socrates had with the Sophists? 2. What was Plato’s point in his allegory of the cave?

Firstly, before I get to the disagreement, Socrates was a man of wisdom. He believes in the truth that’s already within us and encourages us to seek it it out. While on the other hand, the Sophists were a group of people that believed in no absolute truth, that man was the measure of all things and that laws were a mere convention. So, the disagreement that Socrates had with the Sophists was simply about the truth and moral life. Both groups had their own idea of truth and of how we should be living our moral life. Socrates believes that the truth is within us and that a good life means obtaining wisdom. While the Sophists believed there is no truth and that law was just something to keep us, people, in on piece.

The point that Plato or the mural he was trying to teach us in the Allegory cave was the way in which we perceive, view, and believe in what is reality.  The shadows of the puppets shown on the cave wall represent the copies of the real thing. The 2 types of prisoners are chained down and cannot turn their heads and see where the shadows are coming from. Some of them can only conclude that the shadows presented to them is the real thing. While on the other hand, some people choose to think otherwise. Meaning they don’t believe that the shadows are the real thing. The people who think that shadows are the real thing are stuck in the cave with misunderstandings. Plato shows us that the two types of people; people who misinterpret their sensory observations for truth and reality, as well as those who really do accept and see reality for what it truly is.

That’s all for this essay, I hope you learned something or at least enjoyed reading it. I’ll post one more in time and have a great rest of your day!

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