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Western Civ 1 Lesson 25: How would you explain Aristotle’s main points in his Ethics to the average person?

Firstly, I would explain his main ethics which are; One attains happiness by a virtuous life. Meaning by living a virtuous life one can live in happiness. What he means by this statement is that people usually obtain happiness by getting what they want. What happens with your happiness after you have gotten what you wanted? It wears off doesn’t it? You don’t stay as happy for whenever you’ve gotten what you wanted? What Aristotle says about happiness is that if you live a virtuous life (living a meaningful life) and you consistently do virtuous (good) deeds, then you would obtain true happiness. He’s trying to teach us that things like, physical appearance, earthly things, and etc. won’t give you lasting happiness, because true happiness comes from living virtuously, whenever you have made a good memory for yourself and you reminisce back at the time when you have made this good memory. That would be an example of true happiness.

That would be all for this essay, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Have a great rest of your day!

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