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English 2 Lesson 30: What is the view of the biblical materials on the role of ethics in the development of history?

The view of the biblical materials on the role of ethics in the development of history is that it plays a big part. The ethics are a foundation in terms of biblical material. For Christians, one of the main ethics they follow is no stealing, murdering, always obey thy mother thy father, and etc. Ethics were made simple for the people of God to follow, by creating the 10 commandments in times of Moses. God’s rules are quite simple, yet people continuously break it. Why? Because, the selfish desires, trauma, or just purely evil people overcome the conscience that holds them back from committing a sin and then do something they may or may not regret later on (that’s already depending on the type of person). Anyways, these biblical ethics play an important part in the history, because they were made to keep God’s people safe. All you had to do is follow them and if you don’t you suffer the consequences.

Not only does the bible present us with these ethics, it also gives us famous stories to visualize the importance of ethics more clearly. For example, one of the famous stories from genesis is about Adam and Eve. God set certain boundaries for them to keep them safe. They were allowed to eat from any fruit in the garden including from the tree of life, but on one condition were they not, absolutely not allowed to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This law was made by God himself to keep Adam and Eve safe. This rule was broken due to Eve disobeying God and ate the fruit from the forbidden tree and so has Adam. Thanks to the serpent that Eve has foolishly listened to, both Eve and Adam suffered the greatest consequence, in which God forced them out of the garden but has promised to always be with them. Since then, both Adam and Eve have learned their lessons the hard way and always tried to follow God’s rules.

Another great example is the story about Cain and Abel in which God had rejected Cain’s sacrifice for him but accepted Abel’s. The result of this was Cain being envious of his brother, therefore murdering him. Cain breaks Gods law by murdering his brother, God shows mercy to him by putting a mark on him to show that Cain is God’s property and no one shall touch him (by touching he means no killing him). This story doesn’t really have a good ending but it shows us what happens to those who don’t follow the rules and laws.

Lastly, another famous story from the bible about the Noah’s ark teaches us that when we don’t take his ethics seriously, they suffer severe consequences. Kind of like Cain and Adam and Eve back then, but in the story of The Noah’s ark the people had been evil-doing in drastic measures to the point which angered God. The consequence therefore, was to wipe human kind completely. Noah and his family were a sign of grace. Because Noah and his family remained faithful to God, he instructed Noah to build an Ark big enough to fit animals of every kind and of course Noah’s family as well. This story helps us compare what happens to those who are faithful in the lord and his ethics and those who disobey them.

Books like Psalms and Proverbs describe the ethics in a more deeper way. These books teach us how to prevent ourselves from getting trapped by evil-doers. They teach us much needed wisdom. Following this path of Christianity is not easy, in fact it is very difficult to maintain the purity in yourself. We as humans will always make mistakes and we are not perfect, that’s why biblical ethics and God’s law are there to keep us safe and make us follow this path with a pure soul.

Thanks for reading this essay. I hope you have learned something or at least enjoyed knowing some of this things in biblical history. Have an amazing rest of your day!

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