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Business 2 lesson 35: Business opportunity which most intrigued you

What intrigued me the most during this week, was by learning how online business works and how to manage it. To be able to create an aesthetic site to appeal your targeted customers is a very creative and an interesting way to start my very own online business. Whether it’s service that I’m selling or products, either way it completes my one big goal. That is to serve and help others achieve their desires. What I mean by that, I want to help people, to be able to solve their particular problem. That’s what business means to me. The coolest part was that I get to do what I really want and also earn some income while I’m at it!

Just think about it, you have a job that earns you pretty good income and the pros of that job weigh more than the cons. BUT there’s a problem that many people have at such jobs and that is their happiness level. Sure, this job you have may earn good income for you/ your family but yet you’re not happy doing it. I get it, waking up at like 6 in the morning or something is not fun and it’s something you’ve committed to do. You are then salty throughout your whole work day and other people can notice that relating to you. But that kind of bad mood is different compared to having bad moods every single day for those who aren’t happy working at their job.

Imagine having a job where you feel joyful every day and you’re just really excited to be at your job having a fulfilled day at work and also get income. That just sounds like a must-have dream job. Sadly, nowadays people dedicate themselves to work which they don’t really like but they say “I have to do it or else we won’t have money to pay for this and that”. It may be true that a job gives you money that you need but not being happy working there, that kind of thinking is so wrong. There are ways to find that dream job and it’s to work hard for it. You first do the things you don’t really want to do, so then you can do the things you really want to do. If you don’t put the amount of effort into your studies then that’s the result you get.

My point is, I personally, want to put in the hard work that I don’t really want to do but the future business that I get to do motivates me into achieving it. Basically that hard work of understanding how business works and how to run it is my motivation for starting my very own business and not just online business, I mean business in general.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this essay on my inspiration about what intrigued me this week in my business course. I hope you can also be inspired by my thoughts and hopefully you get the job that you would really like to work at and get great income! I’ll post more soon and have a great day!

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