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Business 2 Lesson 40: Business opportunity that most intrigued me

Another business opportunity that has most intrigued me was the fact that you don’t have to learn everything about colors or designing when it comes to graphic design or website design. If you like color coordinating things and you know which colors match with each which colors don’t, that’s great! Not many know what colors match best with each other in fact (a little fun fact) not everyone can see the same type of a shade of for example a red like you do. Someone can see a certain red color that appears darker to them while someone can see the same shade of red, as appearing brighter to them, than the other person. I’m not talking about color blind people, altho you could assist your color coordinating skills to them and help them create their website design of their choice. Even if the service you sell may appear smaller, it makes a huge difference for the client you are working with. Color coordinating may seem not much but colors are really essential whenever creating websites, because a website looks more appealing and creative when certain colors are mixed together.

You can either teach someone to design or sell your services on this site called That’s basically what got my attention the most, was the fact that you could present your service in something you specialize even if that something isn’t as great as like designing a whole website for someone. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on what has caught my attention during this week. That’s all for my essays, I’ll post more soon, and cya next week!

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