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Western Civ 1 Lesson 40: The 2 topics I chose

What is the difference between the liberty of the ancients and the liberty of the moderns? What would moderns find lacking in ancient liberty?

Benjamin Constant was a Swiss-French political activist and writer on political theory and religion. He delivered a speech in Paris in 1819 about the modification of political importance.  He said that since the ancient Athenians had slaves, less work had to be done and therefore more time for public announcements and more time on political discussions. On the other hand, the liberty of the moderns don’t have slaves and therefore have to do the work themselves. Meaning that there were less public announcements and less political and other important discussions. Benjamin’s main point here was that Western liberty was the French Revolution which substituted the liberty for the ancients.

 Based on the Principal Doctrines, explain the basic ideas of Epicureanism.

During the Hellenistic period, there were many world views going around. One of them was known as Epicureanism. It was a belief of making life full of long lasting pleasures. What does it mean to have a long lasting pleasure. It would be things like receiving meaningful gifts from someone important, having a unique family, and having a place to call home. Like my course instructor Tom Woods has said, “long lasting pleasures wouldn’t be having 27 affairs.”

Thanks for reading this essay I hope you may have learned something or at least have remembered some of the important moments to occur in the Western times. I’ll post more soon and cya next time!

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