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English 2 Lesson 45: What was Aeschylus’s view of the Trojan war?

What most intrigued me this week was some of the things I haven’t realized about selling products online. (I will leave the article link that I used for this essay down below)

When creating your own site, you have to make sure that your customers are comfortable using it and make sure that they are having the best experience while browsing through your site. For example, some people are more comfortable browsing through certain sites in their native language. When looking through your product descriptions in the language they know of, it makes their life so much easier. When selling your products online, don’t just make people know that ‘oh u know something about this since you sell this thing’ create a blog and prove to your customers that you have the knowledge to understand how this product works and why you decided to sell this particular thing. Make sure to make space for a place where customers can message their reviews and rate your products on your site. That way you can obtain loyal customers that will appreciate you and become your constant visitors.

That’s all I had to say for this essay, if you want to know more things about selling products online here’s a link to the article I read. It’s really good and this person just really points out those key tips on how you can get a head start on your site or a way to improve your site if you already have an existing shopping site. I’ll cya next time on my next essay post. Have a great rest of your day!

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