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Western Civ lesson 50: Answer 2 chosen topics

1.) What was the Augustan Settlement? How did Augustus balance his perceived need for absolute power with his concern to lend the impression that the republic had been restored and the old ways were being observed?

The Augustan settlement came to be when Octavian knew that if he retired from his position, then civil war would begin under the rule of Sulla. If he practiced absolute he would receive hatred. In order to avoid these 2 things he goes to Rome and he spends his wealth on Romans. He would forgive property owners due to their tax loans. Octavian had created legions before returning to Rome, but because of the the demobilization crisis his 60 legions became 28. He tells the senate that every ones safe and everything is under control, he also gives them his power. The senate, having their doubts, return the authority and power back to him. He was titled Augustus but he prefers the title ‘Princeps’ or ‘first citizen’. He restores old virtues he wanted to restore, take down old shrines building new ones, and renew old ceremonies. Most of the building projects that Julius Caesar had planned weren’t completed due to his assassination. Octavian had taken them over after his death.

2.) Discuss the autobiography of Augustus

Again, the title Augustus was given to him for his accomplishments, but he preferred the title ‘Princeps’ or ‘First citizen’. Octavian is in the position that if he retired from his position of power, civil war will come under the rule of Sulla. This brings out the feeling of conflict, and therefore he’s stuck in this situation. It’s also said that if he uses absolute power, he will arouse hatred among his own people, but he also wants a unified military command in his possession. He decides to take a turn that will avoid those 2 worse case scenarios. He takes the wealth he owned from Egypt on the Romans and forgives property owners for their tax arrears. Octavian tells the senate that the republic is safe and stays in the consul. During this time he was given the title ‘Augustus’. He believed that they should follow the old virtues of Rome and changed things up a bit according to his view. He made social changes as well which included; people looking down on those who didn’t have children, marriage was permitted for men under 60 and for women under 50. The penalties for not obeying the social orders were permitted to attend any public festivals or games. Over some time he made a new rule that restricted of committing adultery. This law wasn’t fair to all women, because men could prosecute women for committing this crime while women could not do the same. The punishments were quite severe involving permanent banishment to an island or death. The daughter of Augustus, Julia, was caught with her scandalous behavior and as a loving father and the law, he had to punish her by sending her off to an island and never to be returned. That’s basically all the accomplishments and the whole story of Augustus.

Thanks for reading this essay. I hope you learned or enjoyed something from it. I’ll be posting more soon and have a great day!

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