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Western Civ Lesson 55: Answer 2 of the following topics

According to Seneca, what is man’s unique good? How should a good man conduct himself?

Seneca believed that a good man should act calm, get yourself together, and collected in every situation.  Seneca, is the characteristic of man that separates mankind from everything else. To live a good life, man must exercise his ability to understand things on a different level/POV. That man should pursue and continue to pursue that value.

Read further about one of the works of art discussed in Lesson 54, and in about 125 words discuss the additional details you find out.

The Pantheon, was built between 118 and 125 AD, by Emperor Hadrian. The reason this Pantheon was built, was because the original one was burned down in 80 AD. The purpose of this Pantheon was to honor the Roman gods. This Pantheon has arches (which is their signature architect) stands on 8 pillars for support. These arches were great for supporting especially the dome interior part of the Pantheon. Lighter materials were put on top of the structure as more of a decor, while the heavier pieces were placed on the bottom for better support. The Romans sure knew how to build such significant things back then!

That’s all for this essay. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Have a great rest of your day, I’ll be posting more soon.

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