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Business 2 Lesson 60: A business opportunity that I’m most interested in at this point

Like I already said in my other essays before, I took a liking into the idea of selling products online, like an online shop. I like to make things, so instead of sitting around listening, I work and learn better when I have something practical to do. However, the idea of having people to like my work and appreciate in what I do, makes me even more happy. Not only do I get to make stuff, but I also have an opportunity to please people and earn some money while I’m at it.

Who will I serve in the marketplace? Just because I plan to sell stuff online doesn’t mean I won’t be able help around people from, let’s say my neighborhood. I’ll be able to serve with just about anyone. I should consider my target audience as well. I may not help everyone or please everyone, but at least I’ll be able to reach out to people online and locally.

How will I help them? My goal is to help solve their problem. As long as I have the idea of how to help someone and what I can do to create that idea to life, I’m already half way there.

What are the barriers to entry for this service? I have to consider all the steps needed in order to premiere this business. Personality for this business should be friendly and outgoing. For me that’s not a problem, but I’m a really formal person, so I communicate a bit different than other people would, you get the idea.

Any particular advantages for using me? There’s a couple of things that could make you stand out more than your competitors (if you have any). One of them is the ability to speak another language. In my case, this is very useful because my family’s origin is eastern Europe, meaning I’m able to speak in Russian very fluently. With this I can make myself even more useful to customers who prefer or understand better in Russian, so I can assist them in that language. Another advantage would be your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) I could stand out by making my sales go faster, better, or cheaper or maybe all three.

How will I make money doing this service? Well, I’ll be able to make money by selling products online and locally. I have to consider the expenses in which I make the products with. Or any other business relating expenses. The money you make should be spent on the expenses first, then whatever’s left you can send it off to charity, give a gift, save it, or spend it on yourself. Basically whatever’s left of that money is all yours now, that’s the profit, the money you get to put in your pocket.

Is this a long-term opportunity? It sure is and hopefully, If my business goes well, I could continue it for longer.

That’s all for this essay. I’m hoping to start this business as soon as possible. Until then, I’ll see you soon with more essays. Have a great rest of your day!

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