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Western Civ Lesson 60: Compare the teachings of Christianity with the works of the Greeks

 Conversely, can you see anything in common between Christianity and some of the great ancient thinkers we have discussed?

Greeks, Romans, and Christians had a big impact in the western civilization, but no matter how great some of the philosophers of the Greeks or the Romans were, none of them compared to the way Christians viewed the world. Even today, Christianity is set apart from the rest of the religions because of how different and valued it is.

The one major difference of the 2 religions was that of their origin. For Christians, their origin came from one God. For the Greeks their origin came from a being named Cronos and the other following gods that they worshipped.

Christians would have close relationships with not only their god, but other people around them as well and live the kind of life that’s beyond virtuous level and strive towards being like their savior every day (it’s like a constant battle). The Greeks and Romans didn’t have a relationship that had them to be close with their gods. They just lived a good moral life just like any other human being would.

That’s all for this essay I hope you learned something from this or just enjoyed reading it. I’ll be posting more soon and have a great day!

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