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Western Civ Lesson 65: What are a few things we learn about early Christianity from the Didache?

By reading the Didache, we can learn that the early Christians followed the simple moral laws, including the 10 commandments of Moses, and it was written to summarize the teachings of the 12 apostles.

Just like the Christians today, the early Christians followed the ways of Life or Death. What we are to do and what we shouldn’t do. This writing tells people to love God as they love each other. By loving and showing respect to one another we love and respect the lord. They teach simple things like to avoid telling lies, because if you do then one small lie or even a sin can lead to a bigger lie/sin which then will cause bigger problems. As a loving father, God wouldn’t want this for us and by doing so, he tells us to not lie and to not sin so that we can live a virtuous life, burden free. Most of the things being stated in the Didache are scriptures and rules from The New Testament.

The Didache explains how you should be fasting in the way that would please the lord, what are the conditions and outcomes of baptism, when and how you should partake in the holy communion, and of course how you should pray. All these things that the early Christians did, a lot Christians do these things today as well to show honor and respect to the lord. These things aren’t just traditional, but the Didache claims that these are the ways that will lead you to the path of eternal life.

Thanks for stopping by to read this essay, I hope you learned something new from it. I’ll be posting more soon and have a great rest of your day!

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