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Western Civ Lesson 75: Answering 2 questions

 In what ways did Christianity represent a departure from the ideals and practices of ancient Greece and Rome?

When Christians came along in Rome, a lot of people accepted the faith due to the positive impact they made in their surroundings. The Christians were very charitable people. They would always help out the poor or to anyone in need, regardless if they lack something themselves. They would cure the sick and heal people. The Christians made a big difference especially in cases where they helped those who persecuted them. They were beyond gracious and kind. Because of that reason, many became curious as to how they handle all of the pressure that’s been put on them. St. Ephrem was the first to establish hospitals. Fabiola was a Christian woman that opened the first large public hospital in Rome and would search the streets for the poor/injured people.

Discuss the relationship between Rome and the Visigoths

The Visigoths were Germanic people that were seeking refuge from enemies during the 4th century. Rome agreed to let the Visigoths into their empire, but they haven’t been treating them well. As expected the Visigoths weren’t pleased to be receiving this kind of treatment from them, so they started to rebel against the Romans. The Romans immediately took action. They took troops from other places to defend themselves. This ended on a bad note because other Germanic tribes entered the empire. Things went downhill from there. If the Romans treated them with respect all of that could’ve been avoided. So their relationship between each other wasn’t the best.

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