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Western Civ Lesson 90: Answering to 2 questions

What was the Carolingian Renaissance, and why was it significant?

The carolingian family was ruled by the Frankish Emperor Charlemagne. Charlemagne was man who was pretty humble when stating that he was merely a barbarian and that he gave a lot of credits and acknowledgments to the Roman empire. His goal was to make a change to Rome and bring its deserved honored. This is how the carolingian renaissance was born and it continued to last for a couple years. Another significance is the writing style that Charlemagne had managed to change up. Rome’s writing style included all capitals and no space between the words. Charlemagne had created a writing style that’s called the Carolingian miniscule which had commas, lower-case letters, space between words, apostrophes, etc. These were some of the significant things that occured in the Carolingian Renaissance.

Describe the process by which Christianity was spread in England.

The Roman/British people at the time lacked combat fighting or war skills in general. They hired the Anglo-Saxons to use their land in return if they would serve them. Basically, like a peace treaty to make all ends meet with everyone. The problem here was that the Saxons decided to just take this land for themselves. The Roman/British people were obviously not ok with this. Christianity is out of the question here, but it came around outside of britain that’s for sure.

Pope Gregory was someone who wanted to convert England, but he needed permission to do so. He asked king Ethelbert of Kent and since his wife was a catholic, he had given Gregory his approval. Now Gregory went out and has turned England to Roman, as well as the Benedictine of Christianity and has succeeded.

Later on in the years the Irish monks decided to enter England and had been converting the people there into their type of Christianity. One of the issues between the irish monks style and the Benedictine group was the easter dating. King Ethelbert gathered the 2 groups and had them present their thoughts on why they dated their easter days. The Romans had given their explanation and the Irish group have confirmed that. This matter was resolved quite quickly.

That’s a quick summary of how Christianity came to England.

Thanks for reading this essay. I hope you learned something or just enjoyed reading at least. I’ll be posting more soon and have a great day!

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