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Biology Lesson 30: Jokes aside, why are men far more likely than women to be colorblind?

The most simple way to answer this question is by saying that to have color blindness as a trait, you need an X chromosome. It has been discovered that females have two X chromosomes while males have one. Altho one of the two X chromosomes from a female is inactive they have more chances of not having this trait because male chromosomes have an X and a Y (XY). This doesn’t mean that women can’t have this trait, they can still have have color blindness if their X chromosomes are defected. As for men they’re color blind if their only X chromosome is found to be color defective. If a carrier has an X chromosome then their offspring would have 50% chance of color blindness.

Try to guess this number (comment down below) 😊

That’s all for this essay, thanks for stopping by to read it. I hope you liked it and/or learned something from it. I’ll be posting more soon so stay tuned!

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