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Western Civ Lesson 95: Answering to 2 questions

1) What do you learn about Islam from the Koran selections you read?

What I’ve learned about Islam from a couple selections read from the Koran is the fact that the messenger (Muhammad) of their god Allah, didn’t believe in God being a trinity. What I mean by this is that Muhammad firmly believed that a God is to be truly only one. he couldn’t believe that God was God, the son, and the Holy spirit just like the Christians did. This is partially a reason why the Christians aka Jews could never get along with muslims.

2) What kind of person emerges from the Procopius portrayal of Justinian?

We know of Justinian mainly because of his goals and ambitions which was to serve his people to the best of his abilities. However, no matter what he did, his people just couldn’t give him appreciation. He had a nasty flaw just like any other human being does which whenever he was in a tough spot or something didn’t go his way, he would often be rude and act offensively to those getting in his way or just on his nerves.

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