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English 2 Lesson 105: Compare the ethical behavior of Zeus with the ethical teaching of Jesus

Before I get into detail about the differences between the ethical teachings of Zeus and Jesus, let’s agree on the fact that there is in fact a major difference between the two. Zeus being an absolutely immoral, selfish, a cheater, and in my opinion just simply stupid. While he has his brains that he can use, he’s the inventor of evil (I’ll be explaining what I mean by that shortly). Jesus, on the other hand, is a selfless being who contains unconditional love for everyone. He performed miracles that impacted human lives. Zeus used his thunder and power to create things as well, sure, but Jesus had witnesses and people to prove it. You might be like,, “well obviously there’s a big difference, because you described one as a good guy and the other as a bad one.” The reason I am describing them as exactly that, it’s because that’s what it is (to me at least). Also not to mention that Jesus was mortal while Zeus was immortal. Now, let’s get into detail here.

Zeus was a God who has done many bad things and could care less about anything really as long as his spot on the throne stays put. Let alone care about moral/human beings. Hera being his wife played a major role when ruling alongside Zeus. Although she is an important figure, Zeus thinking that he’s this very influential dude and can do anything he wants. That being said he cheats on Hera and has offsprings from others goddesses. Not only was he a selfish cheater he’s also very unjust when it came to judgment. Like I said before he could care less about anything and anyone as long as he’s still the ultimate God and again this is my personal viewpoint.

What I meant by inventor of evil, is that whenever you have an unvirtuous goal or something to strive for that isn’t counted as good. They start inventing brilliant ideas that will help them achieve their goal, hurting others along the way. There’s a reason people say ‘He’s an evil genius.’ It’s basically the same meaning as inventor of evil. There was another incident, in greek mythology a guy named Prometheus took some fire from Zeus and gave it to his men. As a punishment, without them being able to reason with, he gives them a Pandora box containing all the human sufferings. This was an unfair judgment on Zeus’ part for them mankind did nothing to deserve this punishment. On the other hand, Prometheus should have never stolen the fire, but ask for it instead. Zeus wasn’t exactly evil, but his actions whilst reigning say otherwise.

Jesus was a human being who was very much just. He healed the sick, took out the demons out of the possessed ones, performed miracles, and him dying for all people itself is an act of selflessness. Unlike Zeus Jesus strived to live a pure life every single minute in his life. I mean it when I say that!

Thanks for reading this essay I hoped you liked it. As always have a great rest of your day!

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