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Western Civ Lesson 105: I’ll be covering 3 topics for this essay

1.) What were the problems besetting the Church in the tenth and eleventh centuries? What was “moderate reform”?

The main problem was that kings and officials appointed Bishops as a guide to help the rule. Many people wanted to change the system because of how much of a problem it caused. Moderate reform is a thing where the kings choose good bishops but will keep the system as it is for there was no need to change it if there were good bishops.

2.) Describe the events that took place during the conflict between Pope Gregory VII and Henry IV. What was at stake?

The conflict between Pope Gregory VII and Henry IV was that the church didn’t like Henry investing into certain things and to people. He declared excommunication between the church and Henry. We later know that Henry’s excommunication is lifted, but then continued to his old habit, gets excommunicated again. When Henry learned about this, enraged he exiles Gregory out of Rome and the Pope a few years later dies, hence his famous quote. “I have loved justice and hated iniquity: therefore I die in exile.” The good relationship between the church and the government was at stake.

3.) What was Christendom?

Christendom is the collective population of Christians in the world. Christianity has brought many into their belief and has spread widely. Christianity is the belief of equality among all nations and race. While Catholicism is similar in the ‘universal’ belief. Christianity is mainly about equality. Christendom was made possible for different civilizations to come together onto common ground of Christianity.

That’s all for this essay I hope you liked or learned something from it. As always have a great rest of your day!

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