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Western Civ Lesson 110: Answering 3 questions

1.) What was the Great Schism? What factors brought it on?

The simplest way that I could describe the Great Schism was that it was basically a religious division between western and eastern churches. Basically the eastern churches stuck with the original tradition of operating how things go while the western churches changed their ways a bit and both of them didn’t agree with each other on this. For example, western churches go on their knees to pray while eastern churches stand to pray. Western churches prepared bread made without yeast during communion while the Eastern churches made bread with yeast.

2.) What are the sacraments?

The basic definition for a sacrament is the ‘sensible sign of invisible grace.’ There are 7 of them in total; baptism, confirmation, reconciliation, the Eucharist, the anointing of the sick, matrimony, and holy orders. These sacraments were important moments of the Christian life (according to the catholics).

3.) What is an indulgence?

An indulgence was basically a gift from the church received from the person who has committed an impious act. The known saints can’t forgive their sins like that, but they can help them repent and cleanse them clean. Now they can’t entirely wipe someone clean, people will still sin, but this way they are able to prevent from sinning or at least block it away and not let it interfere with their journey with christ. Their are 2 types of punishments an eternal one (which is hell) and a temporal one (a punishment given by the saint to help the person fix their mistake).

Thanks for reading this essay! I hope you liked or learned something new just like I did. I’ll be posting more soon and as always have a great rest of your day!

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