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Business 2 Lesson 119: 350 word essay on mobile apps

I’ll be honest and confess that I haven’t done the project in which I had to create a testing app which allows me to create an app for whatever business I had it created for. Basically a business related app that allows your customers/users to browse with more ease of use. Instead of doing the project, however, I was given this essay assignment that I chose to do instead.

I’ll ask a question. Which is better, the usual websites for businesses or an app designed for that specific business? If you ask me I’d say both are equally just as good. Here’s my reasons why…

Pros and Cons of a usual website for businesses

~The pros of the website is that it’s easy to access, fits your mobile size as well as any other device, and allows you to customize to make it right sized ~Another pro of a website is that it’s directly accessible to customers/viewers

~Some cons of a website, let me point out a rather obvious one, it’s that they are usually with ads and the business page isn’t focusing on just your website, it focuses on pop up ads that constantly appear your screen ~Another con is that a website may not have certain functions that you can include in apps, because on a website it focuses on every customer, but in an app it focuses on one person

Pros and Cons of an app

~Some pros of an app is that you can have full access to every little thing that deals with that specific niche plus the notifications to not forget a special deal/offer or sales ~Another pro of an app is that it gets to know you better and give you details and info you would want to hear, for example send an email with special deals like I’ve mentioned above

~Some cons of an app would be that they require ongoing updates to stay current with the date and year ~Another con as I’ve mentioned before, would be the fact that you have to design it to be suited for each device

There’s obviously more reasons to tell/explain the comparisons between the mobile apps and the usual applicable website. I tried to make some of the brief on point ones, so I hope that has helped you to understand.

Thanks for stopping by to read my weekly essay on business, hoped you liked it. I’ll be posting again soon so stay tuned. Have a great rest of your day!

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