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Business 2 Lesson 120: 250 word essay about business skills development

Why are business skills more valuable than burger flipping? While completing the business skills development section, I’ve learned a lot of things that were worth putting some of my time into learning.

The week we learned about public speaking was more of a review for me because, I have already completed the course. Even so, as a review I can’t stop admitting the fact that it is indeed such a valuable skill. Your first impression on implementing these speaking skills into real life practice, will sky high!! Even if your an inexperienced presenter, your little skills of public speaking can really boost up others faith in you. They would even want to prefer listening to you because of your skills rather than someone else who may have good ideas, but can’t present them well.

Now public speaking isn’t a drastic comparison between a burger flipping job for you don’t need much of that in a burger flipping place. Business skills help you expand at whatever it is that you do on a greater level. Instead of working for someone else because you have no ideas, not that skilled, nor are you that creative. With a bit of of your time and patience you will gain the skills needed to start something of your own. So, which is it gonna be? A burger flipping job you work for someone, being told what needs to be done or an online business that you can very much do on your own and be ahead of others your age?

Thanks for reading this essay. I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll be posting more in a bit, so have a great rest of your day and stay tuned for more!

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