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Western Civ Lesson 140: I’ll be discussing a certain topic for this essay

What were the reasons behind the conflicts between the emperors and the popes during this period?

The main reason that started this issue was the broken promises as well as failure to loyalty. When popes were to choose new emperors each time, they were faced with candidates that always promised something. When popes made their decisions they expected the chosen emperor to fulfill his promise and pledge loyalty to them. The emperors however are always challenged with greed, selfishness, and power. As a result they do the opposite of what they promised and said. The popes would of course get disappointed by this issue and therefore they would continue getting disappointed with each chosen candidate. There are good emperors and there were good ones, but even they have their own flaws. You can’t expect to find a perfect emperor and for him to behave all perfect. Like, no, it doesn’t work like that.

We can understand and even sympathize with the popes at the fact that being constantly disappointed and betrayed is not a good feeling at all. The issue was the poor decision making from the popes and the actions of the emperors after they are crowned as the emperor.

That’s all for this little essay. Hope you enjoyed reading it or at least learned something new from it. I’ll be posting more essays soon and have a great rest of your day!

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