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Western Civ Lesson 150: Answering 2 topic questions for this essay

1.) What were the causes and consequences of the Hundred Years’ War?

One of the main causes, was the dispute over who was going to obtain the French throne. Charles the 6th was forced to to consent to a marriage between his daughter and Henry the 5th. Both eventually died and that’s where King Charles the 7th comes in. He accepts help from Joan of Arc and with her help the french gained many victories, but then abandoned her.

The consequences of this war was how it started with the englishmen winning at first, but whenever the french stepped up their game, they started to win battles. When the war was over, England had lost all of france except Calais.

This war was significant, because as a result of the war, the Anglo-French unravel is all but complete.

2.) What was the Great Western Schism, and how was it resolved?

The Great Western Schism was a period in which the people had a trouble with the popes. Every time a pope dies, another gets elected. Self-explanatory here, but this time was a bit different. It wasn’t just any pope that the Roman mob demanded. They wanted the pope to be specifically a Roman or at least an Italian to fit their views and morals and most importantly to help resolve a certain situation. The reason why not any other pope is because they feared that some french pope would take up residence in Avignon and not care much for the romans.

The Cardinals chose an Italian pope by the name of Bartolomeo Prignano (aka pope Urban the 6th). Things were good at first, by that I mean people were pleased with the way he handled things. Urban the 6th later showed signs of erratic behavior and even strikes a guy. The cardinals had to choose a new pope, but Urban wouldn’t step down. This new pope turned out to be a French pope (Clement the 7th) just as romans feared. For some time people had dealt with the fact that they now had 2 popes on different sides. Some people accepted the italian pope and some the other, while some people liked both.

Later on the 20th century a council of pisa chose and a new pope, Pope Martin the 5th. As you can imagine the situation was pretty unstable here, because the other 2 popes wouldn’t give up their positions. Council of Constance gave the final vote and the official pope was Martin the 5th. The other 2 were forced to back down for Martin has been elected. Thankfully Martin was that pope that the romans needed, he helped restore the order, and quietly continued his pope duties.

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