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English 2 Lesson 150: 100 word essay on “Did the Little Flowers provide the common man with confidence about his own life beyond the grave?”

In my most humble opinion, I think that the Little Flowers can and cannot provide confidence about his own life beyond the grave. It really depends on their current lifestyle, their principles in life, who they follow, and who they listen to is what gives them the confidence of what lies beyond them in the after life.

To those of you who are confused about the lesson topic, I’ll make it simple to understand. Common man meaning any man, confidence about his life meaning this man knows what he believes in, and beyond the grave meaning beyond death or the after life.

A lot of the stories in the Little Flowers had people either converting to christianity or leaving the world unconverted. These stories showed us the lifestyles of different people and what was going to happen to them in the after life. I liked this one story where St. Francis came into this one town and people came flocking towards him to see and talk to him. In the meantime, this town was known to have these 3 robbers that were dangerous criminals as well as murderers. One time the 3 of them came to Brother Angelo asking for something to eat. In return he replied saying ‘how dare you thieves, you murderers ask me for something to eat whenever you stole from hundreds of people’ brother Angelo ended on that note and set them off. They came across St. Francis and Francis starts explaining the miracles of Jesus and the purpose and point in life that he went through. After saying that Jesus came on earth to save sinners like them, the 3 robbers repented, and Francis also gave them wine and bread he had carried with him.

A couple of months later the 2 of the robbers died and ascended to heaven because of their conversion, while the remaining robber stayed alive and did penance for his sins for 15 years. I like this story, because it shows that in the beginning the robbers had no shame, they didn’t think about life after death, all they cared about was making themselves satisfied and getting by day after day. After meeting with Francis, he helped them open their eyes and with his help they felt more confident that they had a chance to be with the lord in the after life.

In conclusion, to me it really depends on how an individual lives their life, what their viewpoints are, what they believe in, that determine what position they are in after death.

Thanks for reading this essay. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on this sorta unexpected philosophical question for this essay topic. I’ll be posting more soon and have a great rest of your day!

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