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Biology Lesson 90: Describe one or more possible roles plants could play in the future of humanity. How are these roles different than what occurred in the past?

The way I understand this question, as in what’s the relationship with plants and us humans. Well, to put it simply, plants give us food. They always have given us food and always will give us the energy we need in food. The only difference between this, is that there were more varieties back then and nowadays many of the plants are in a much different form than before. What I mean by different form, I mean that fruits and veggies in todays time look different than they looked back then.

Also, consider the fact that many plants aren’t as organic as they were before. We spray pesticide across the plants and we do get rid of pests, but in return it harms the plants a bit and it doesn’t taste as natural anymore. If we stop using these chemicals against pests, just maybe we can continue to get all the energy the plants give us and humanity will live longer!

Thanks for reading this essay. I hope you liked it and have a great rest of your day!

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