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Western Civ Lesson 155: Answering 2 essay topics

1.) Discuss some of the key ideas of the Renaissance

Individualism was a big thing in the Renaissance. For example, signing works of art, identity of the artist wasn’t as important as was the work of art itself. Individualism also meaning people wanted portraits of themselves (which explains why we have quite a bit amount of self portraits from those times). Renaissance was also a time of Astrology, Magic, and superficial activity.

The significance of the Renaissance was the invention of the printing press mid 15th century. Also the growing of prosperity made it possible for more leisure time.

 2.) In what ways does Petrarch embody the spirit of the Renaissance?

Francesco Petrarca was a guy who fell in love with literature and classics (things like the ancient writings and anything ancient in general). Because of his love for seeking out and writing things down of his own, he thought he was going to be remembered for the things he wrote in Latin. He really loved and appreciated those old languages, but turns out people only payed attention to the things he wrote in Italian.

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