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Western Civ Lesson 165: Answering to 2 topic questions

1.) What were some of the problems associated with the Renaissance papacy?

The renaissance faced problems with enforcing their leadership over the surrounding countries. Cities and states started claiming authority and power that was once claimed by the popes. To fight back, however, the popes threatened to excommunicate those responsible for this mess. Although these threats were pointless, this leads to another problem. The popes were actually more focused on art and literature rather than the problems of the papacy, so they ended up not really caring about the situation.

2.) We normally think of three people in particular as having been the key artists of the High Renaissance. Who were they? Discuss one major work from each.

Albrecht Dürer, whom was a painter, but his main area of work was to do woodcutting and engraving. One of his major art works ‘The knight, Death, and the Devil’ and another ‘The 4 Apostles’.

Johann Reuchlin, key german scholar of Greek and Hebrew (he actually encouraged the study of Hebrew).

Thomas More, was known for his religious works such as ‘Utopia’ which is about social criticism.

Humanism of northern renaissance were more interested in ancient Christian documents than ancient works of Greece and Rome.

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