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Western Civ Lesson 170: Answering 2 chosen questions

1.)  Discuss the rise and fall of Girolamo Savonarola

Girolamo hated the renaissance and how it went, so he preached against it. That’s pretty much how the start of attention came, whenever he would speak against something in public. When talking about the renaissance he specifically spoke against the corruption that it’s causing and persuading people to do something about it. Girolamo was a simple man, but he’s filled with this spirit whenever his mouth opens.

As good word spread about him, Girolamo began criticising families that live a luxurious life, for example the Medici family. Girolamo was a simple man, but he’s filled with this spirit whenever his mouth opens. His fall began when people were in a position to throw someone out, they began to get tired from Girolamo and his non stop preaching. The people decided to throw him out.

He was imprisoned along with 2 other men that supported him. After trials of torture Girolamo finally confesses that his visions were made up. In 1498, he was hanged and burned along with the two others in the main square of Florence.

2.) Discuss some of the significant aspects of the reign of Louis XI

Louis lived a simple life as a king (which is quite unusual coming from a royal) and would only eat the kind of food that the peasants ate. One of the significant things he has done was that he was committed to centralizing France.

At times Louis was scary only when it came to those who committed betrayal, treason, and any other act of crime. These people would be severely punished for example, by having their private parts cut off. Louis wasn’t actually all that scary, he’s quite a pious man and was a sincere believer.

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