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Western Civ Lesson 180 this is my last essay for this course!

1.) What do you think is the central point of the essay you read by Mario Vargas Llosa?

When reading Marios essay, I saw that the start of the Aztec and Inca downfall began whenever the death of the Aztec/Inca leaders occured, the people lost focus because of how much they relied on their leaders. This huge civilization began vulnerable and other took advantage of them and destroyed them. The central point of this essay was when the leaders died, so did the rest of the empire.

2.) What is the truth of the matter regarding the claim that people in the Middle Ages thought the earth was flat?

The truth behind this matter regarding towards the flat earth theory was that it was all a MYTH! No one believed in it and in fact no one dared to because of how preposterously false this statement was. If you are one of those people who believe in this flat earth theory then I’m sorry, but I do wonder where you got the resources from to conclude to this.

That’s all for this essay. It’s finally the end of this Western Civ course and all I have to say is how awesome my instructor is! He explains things the way I’m able to understand. He’s respectful to each piece of history and other historians. He’s also pretty funny and it’s nice getting knowledge in a fun way and not just some 20-30 min boring lecture. People I HIGHLY recommend this course and not just this course but the whole Ron Paul Curriculum. It has all the good stuff and you can actually feel like you learned something. I’ll be starting the next following courses and start posting again soon. As always have a great rest of your day!

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