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Government 1A lesson 5: Is the Family a Legitimate Form of Government?

Civil government is lawfully above the familial government in the large majority of societies, and especially in America today. Some believe that family is an illegitimate and even an unnecessary form of government. I think that there are some positive sides to family government. Family government includes some things such as the right for parents to influence the church and at the same time discipline their children influencing them as well. Self government would be a bit hard if not for the family government or else the civil government would have to take over.

The parents think that if the state teaches their children then it will corrupt them. Parents want to protect their children from other governments’ form of thinking, such as destroying and taking control over things. The family would rather go back to the old style route where it takes a one person to raise a child instead of sending them off to a school, where each teacher will have a different perspective over certain things whilst making their point.

It often depends on how the parents want it. Some parents believe in children getting the most out of learning, perhaps they would rather teach them themselves with knowing the fact that they will be cut off of social circles and experience new things. Some parents want their children to experience things by sending them to school or like in often cases parents can’t teach their kids due to their job and that way they send their kids to school in order for them to get basic knowledge and experience as well.

Thanks for reading this essay. Hope y’all learned something or just enjoyed reading. I’ll be posting more soon and have a great rest of your day!


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