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Western Civ 2 Lesson 15: Answering 3 topic questions for this essay

1. How was the English Reformation different from the German Reformation?

The simplest way to explain this is that they differed in the areas of doctrine, but their main differences were associated with motivation. The German Reformation was motivated by belief, while the English Reformation was motivated by politics and the concern for legitimate succession.

2. What do we learn about St. Francis Xavier’s missionary work in the letter you read for lesson 13?

One of the big things I learned for myself personally, is that he was able to convert over 30,000 people to christianity and a lot of them even got baptized.

3. (a) What kind of impression are you left with by the Spiritual Exercises? (b) Why is Ignatius concerned about careless discussion of faith and good works?

a) I’m left with the impression in the practical practices that we can partake in our daily lives such as; Confess Your Sins, Forgive, Attend Church/Worship with Others, Be in Community with Others, Love & Serve Others, Think Spiritually/Renew Your Mind

b)  He knew that if people focused on faith to go to heaven, then they would not learn to take some responsibility for their actions. Basically this is what the people thought that if they just relied on their faith the just go to heaven without taking responsibility.

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