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Government 1A Lesson 25: If the state is strong enough to do something good for you, it can also do something bad to you

This statement is definitely true, because take taxes for example, the state needs them for road repairment, health care, natural resources, income security, etc. In a sense that’s a very good thing, because all the citizens can help restore damages from natural disasters or if there’s a road damage, then the taxes that people give help a lot with that. This can also be a bad thing, because the government can lie to people taking more than they should. Or telling them that they might need extra money for more materials or something, when actually that isn’t true. The government could be keeping the money for themselves rather than helping out the community for good.

The government’s power speaks for itself, they can easily do more harm than good for the people. For example, if the government took away our guns how would we protect ourselves from the government if they wanted to start another war? We need to start pulling ourselves together and not letting the government gain more power than it should.

The strength of the State is inversely related to the strength and freedoms of its citizens. The money used by the State to provide education, give aid, and create power is only a product of the taxes taken from the people. And like any other institution, when the State feeling money and power, it is never enough, and when the people are the source of this strength, it means there always more liberties to take from them. The State is not all that good, and it definitely has the strength to do evil to those who gets in its way in a path to more power.

Thanks for reading this essay. I hope you enjoyed it or learned something new from it. I’ll be posting more soon and have a great rest of your day!

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