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Government 1A Lesson 30: Is it possible to have state subsidies without state control?

I guess you could if the state started a charity fund/ organization. It would have to be regulated by regular citizens to ensure that the state is not taking money for itself. People are naturally generous (at least I think) so it would not be hard to get support and funding from people. But if the state did not start a charity fund/ organization  then I think it would be impossible. To give subsidy to a particular group of people or a business is to reduce their taxes or give a cash payment. This is to help keep the price of service low and the price of the product low. (I got multiple definitions from multiple sites) For one, I do not think the concept of subsidies is a good one. If a business is not meant to survive, let it die. No need to have a failing business around. But besides that, subsidies take from the general people, from the businesses own customers.

The customers won’t be willing to pay more money to a business they are already spending money at. Its illogical. Giving more money to a business (unwillingly at that) just to ensure that you will continue to spend money there? No way. Unwillingly giving money to the business is different from donating to the business. Maybe you don’t even like the business! What are you to do then?

When the state is in control, then a lot of things are balanced out, such as the flow of the businesses. People pay, owners receive income, employees get paid, and the cycle goes on. When the sales go well then the business goes well. Some businesses create charity for people to donate, because it’s weird to think that people would be donating to the business on top of their purchase from them. People would then have a choice to donate because of these organization/charity options.

Whenever the state is not in control, then so do other things, because the foundation of balanced society is out of control. Like someone mentioned, businesses can open things like charity for people to donate and that way it could help the reputation of the business to go up. Businesses in general aren’t there to steal your money like many think. In reality, is not true, the purpose of a business is to make people’s lives better, not harder, by offering them the solution to their particular problem.  

In conclusion, I don’t think it is possible to have state subsidies only because the foundation is out of control and so can other things fall apart. Unless businesses open some sort of organization for people to donate on top of their purchases or open some kind of charity for people to donate. People also have to be willing to give or to donate or else that proves that the business’ reputation is rough. Other than charities or organizations, you can’t have state subsidies with the state being out of control and nothing to rule over.

Thanks for reading this essay. I hope you liked it or learned something new from it. I’ll be posting more soon and have a great rest of your day!

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