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Western Civ 2 Lesson 30: Answering 3 topic questions for this essay

1.) What was English life like under Oliver Cromwell?

Oliver Cromwell was a firm believer in the bible and encouraged others to follow the rules strictly according to the bible just like him. In other words, other people found it pretty boring to follow the rules this way. Some things were severely punished for, such as playing football on weekends and fining people for swearing.

2.) What was the Glorious Revolution? Why is it significant in English history?

Glorious Revolution , also called Revolution of 1688 or Bloodless Revolution, in English history, the events of 1688–89, that resulted in the deposition of James II and the accession of his daughter Mary II and her husband, William III, prince of Orange and stadholder of the United Provinces of the Netherlands.

The Glorious Revolution is extremely significant in world history because it helped to make England more democratic. When England became more democratic, it ended up helping to cause the idea of democracy to spread. This helped to create the world we now live in where many parts of the world have democracies and many others aspire to it.

3.) Why does Locke believe absolute monarchy fails to resolve the “inconveniences” of the state of nature?

John Locke was a 17th century English philosopher and anti-absolutist. He defended the idea that each each individual owns himself and has rights given to him/her by nature. Locke asserted that the presence of an absolute monarchy violates this natural law because it deprives people of their rights and oppresses self-ownership. The most significant right Locke defends is the right to own private property. Locke explains that an individual acquires property by homesteading or improving the property found in the state of nature. For example, once a man “mixes his labor” with a piece of land, it becomes his and stays his and he can do as he wishes with that land.

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