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Government 1A Lesson 45: How could voluntary arrangements solve this problem if the state did not impose the politics of plunder?

I have completed my reading on How to Argue with a Liberal…And Win! The themes in this book was about the classical liberalism and modern liberalism. We shouldn’t mistake the 2 ideologies for the classical liberalism in the 19th century was remade into the modern one. Whenever you hear the term “liberalism” today, it is usually referred to the contemporary version of politics.

Modern liberalism has a point of view that all people should be equal and not equal before the law, but equal in wealth. Governments dominated by this view are centralized governments that intervene in and control the economy and create welfare programs. The welfare state operates by supporting the poor with the tax dollars of the successful and wealthy.

Modern liberalism was this political ideology that came into existence after the 19th century and still continues to reign today. This type of liberalism also states equality, but rather than promoting equality under the law, it promotes equality by the law. Chapter 68 of How to Argue… and win titled “Equality Should be Enforced by Law” explains about this issue.

I believe in the principles expressed in classical liberalism. The state and the law should protect individual rights, freedom, and property, not use plunder of one group of people for the sake of redistributing wealth to another group. Voluntarism is essential in classical liberalism and the state of the free market. If the government’s power would be limited and the welfare state would be destroyed, poverty would be aided by productivity and charity from individuals.

Thanks for reading this essay. I hope you enjoyed it or learned something new from it. I’ll be posting more soon and have a great rest of your day!

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