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English 3 Lesson 50: How important is the idea of covenant sanctions in the week’s readings?

This weeks reading, which was the King James Bible, has these very important ideas of covenant sanctions that are very important, because the sanctions discussed in the bible are the matter of life and death and proper way of living your life. The authors of the bible have seen and/or heard some things that caused them to share it with others. Because they have seen and/or heard things that are true according to them, they wanted to write down the wisdom, rules that apply to what they saw and/ or heard so that their audience (which is anyone) can discover this truth for themselves.

Now many of the rules applied to know the truth and live by the truth is not to everyones liking. Just like in other religions, a lot of people don’t like certain things about them and there’s quite a bit of rules that apply according to each belief. By not to everyones liking, I mean that every religion has restrictions in order to fulfill the purpose of following this type of religion whatever it may be. By restrictions I also mean the sanctions that apply as well. Positive sanctions which can be the reward for their devotion to the religion and the negative sanctions which is like a punishment for not devoting to the religion. These are ethical rewards and punishments.

However, in the King James Bible, the covenant sanctions are extremely important because they can bring curses or blessings. The positive sanctions come whenever you decide to go by the rules written in the King James Bible. The positive sanctions assure you that you can live a pure life and filled with blessings. As for the negative sanctions, if you decide to ignore whats written then your life will be a mess in terms of not following whats written. The wisdom that has been put there, is there to teach us how to avoid certain struggles and potential problems and certain situations. The wisdom is there to teach us how to solve those problems. If you passive read them or simply ignoring them, then you are ignoring the instructions of solving your problems. It is that simple!

Allow me to give you an example from the reading that we did for this week. In the passage Matthew 5:28 it is written; “But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” This sentence already may seem extreme or very confusing to some, but the meaning behind it is very simple. This message is saying that if a man looks at a woman and starts fantasizing about her in his head, the man has basically committed a sin in his heart. Fantasizing about a woman in your head is just as bad as committing adultery, like physically. I have just simplified what’s been said because it’s also hard to understand the King James Version.

The meaning behind this sentence, is that you shouldn’t just keep yourself holy on the outside, but also on the inside. No one can see your thoughts of course, so no one would have a clue you are doing something wrong, however, God sees everything and he can see your thoughts so you can’t get away with fantasizing about a woman in your head.

Thanks for stopping by to read this essay! I hope you enjoyed it or learned something new. I’ll be posting more soon and as always have a great rest of your day!

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