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English 3 Lesson 65: After Satan’s rebellion, Satan was motivated more by his envy of God than his jealousy of God: true or false?

Before I get to today’s topic question, let me emphasize just how important it is to know exactly what is asked of us and to distinguish the two words given to us for comparison. To those of you, who surprisingly don’t what’s meant by satan’s rebellion in the first place, because you maybe don’t know the bible, origins of it, and the origin of the story. I’ll help you understand that sentence by providing some context (your welcome 😁). *disclaimer, I may not be saying all the right things, just the details I know from how I was taught*

Whenever God created angels, Lucifer (aka satan) among them, was the greatest, best looking, you can consider him as second to the greatest after God himself. He had a lot of power already once he came to exist, but for some unknown reason Lucifer decided that the power given to him wasn’t enough and that he wanted all of Gods power for himself, just as in those classic movie scripts of whenever a person doesn’t want to be second, but to be the #1 greatest. Its basically like that, so Lucifer convinced some of the other angels to rebel against God under his command.

Many of them started to follow his lead and fast forwarding to the day they attempted to rebel against God, which for me, I always find amusing, because how can you possible try to attempt at beating the one who holds all the power, the kind of power to create those going against him right now. God punishes Lucifer and his following angels out of his presence. So after the rebellion against God, Lucifer, who now becomes as we know Satan, along with his angel followers, we who know as demons, roam in their isolated part of the spiritual world.

Now that I have provided the context for those that needed it, it’s also very important to know how important the two given words are. Envy and jealousy are two very similar words with similar meanings. They are also different, because envy is when someone is discontented, longing for someone else’s advantages, it’s this covetous feeling toward another person’s attributes, possessions, or stature in life. Jealousy is whenever something we have is threatened by a third person. Going deeper into the meanings of two simple words, what a difference the meaning suddenly becomes.

Going back to the topic, in my opinion, I think that although Satan has a feeling of both jealousy and was envious as well, I would say that it’s true he was more envious than he was jealous. I think this way, because whenever he was created, he surely wasn’t coveting or craving for more power at that moment. Lucifer was more jealous in the beginning and as more time passed by, observing God his urge and hunger for power only grew from there, making this an envious characteristic. Becoming envious of God, Lucifer coveted what God possessed and it was the ultimate power he held, resulting Satans rebellion against God.

Thanks for reading this essay. I hope you liked it or learned something new from it. I’ll be posting more soon and have a great rest of your day!


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