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Government 1A Lesson 75: Can the Remnant in one historical era become the majority later? Why or why not?

Before I explain my reasons as to my opinion on this topic, I shall first explain what the meaning of remnant means. I’m sure many of you know the term, but for those that don’t know the meaning of the word remnant, it’s essential to know exactly what is being asked of you to provide the answer fitting the question, at least to me that matters. I personally didn’t know what the word remnant meant and I’ll be happy to share what I have learned with you.

The word remnant or rather who were the remnant, are the group of people that have remained or survived the occurrence of some event. For example, if there was a zombie apocalypse (yes I had to use this example for I believe people can understand the definition a bit better) and a lot of people have turned into those horrible looking beings. If by a miracle things settled down and the apocalypse slowly goes away and there happens to be a group of people that remained as humans that didn’t turn into zombies, those that survived the apocalypse are the remnants in that era.

Here’s another example which I should have started with, the example of Noahs Ark. Noahs family were the survivors aka the remnants of that time. Once they have settled onto a land, his sons produced a new generation as they themselves the old remnant have died while the new generation continues to grow.

Going back to today’s topic, do I believe that the remnant in one historical era become the majority later? I don’t believe so, because since Noahs sons (the survivors of an occurrence of an event, which was the big flood) produced a new generation, things begin to go back to normal as Noah and the rest if his family parish. The majority later, as I view it, is the new generation which comes after Noah settles into the new lands. When Noah and his family die (as an old remnant) they aren’t part of the current new generation.

So, no I do not believe the remnant of an old era are part of the majority later because they won’t live out along with the majority later, which is the new generation.

As history moves forward, society transforms. Time produces change, and change is inevitable, as the progression of time is perpetual and inevitable. So many transformations have occurred in the history of humanity. Just look back a hundred years into human history. The present is quite different now, isn’t it? Looking back a few hundred or even a few thousand years back into our history, society was almost unrecognizable when compared with what we are familiar with today. The farther back you go into human history, the less facts you can find. The less you see of what kind of changes occurred in humanity. 

Now think of where we are in the present. Our present will soon become part of the past because the progression of time and change is inevitable. This society that we are living in today, is destined to crash and to be rebuilt into a new form of society. The Remnants are the ones that will build/produce a new society.

Thanks for reading this essay. I hope you liked it or learned something new from it. I’ll be posting more soon and have a great rest of your day!

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