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English 3 Lesson 80: How important for the narrative are the descriptions of the storms?

Robinson’s father’s advice for him is the main thing to which the story begins to build up from, in the story called, ‘Robinson Crusoe’. Robinson was the rebellious kind of a person, because he never followed advice from any person, including not listening to his own parents. However, he had a desire to sail upon the seas and to sightsee the world, but that is not what he was called upon to do- and the events that took place on his adventure of sailing with a series of storms showed approximately why.

On his first voyage at the oceans, a huge storm struck the ship, and he was terrified. He described the storms as frightening, which as we read on, to be the description of the rest of the series of events that will take place throughout his journey. Crusoe felt like he should never again step his foot on a ship ever again and vowed to not get himself back into his desires of sailing. This vow has been broken, however, a day later, once the weather calmed down. He thought that the storm has only occurred once and that it would not stop him from sailing again. And then a storm even worse than the first hit the ship again! Although another very terrifying experience that which has lead to his miraculous survival by God’s grace. These details of the storm are really important to the story, because they in foreshadow what the rest of his life will be like if only he didn’t obey God.

The first time he sailed would get you thinking that these storms would act as obstacles and would keep him from ever wanting to sail again, but they did not. And because he was told before by his father that enduring on this journey would consist of many negative outcomes (sanctions), these storms were definitely not an accident. Those few storms were an attempt to protecting him from the worse things that were to come later on as he continued to disobey God’s advice. The role of the storms was to send him back to the his home, where he was promised to live a wealthy life; the same wealthy life he was chasing as a sailor, except he decides to chose the life-threatening route.

As we read on in the story, from what we can conclude from the events that happened so far, knowing that Crusoe’s father knew what he was talking about. Robinson gets sold into slavery on a different continent, experiences many more storms along the way, and eventually gets abandoned on a desert island. Instead of recalling and thinking over about what would have happened if only he had just obeyed and stayed home living the life his father advised him live by. He focused on surviving, because not only his life was on the line to all the animals living on this island, but the inhabitants as well. Imagine that kind of stress always looking over your shoulder just to see if you are being watched and you’re in that position in the first place, because you have disobeyed. This actually kind of reminds me the story of Adam and Eve 🤔.

This story is a great example of how God can speak to us in his own way. God spoke to him through his father’s advice to which he disobeyed. If Crusoe knew what would happen if he disobeyed, of course he wouldn’t have went sailing and just stayed home and listened to what his father has to say. Life doesn’t work that way sadly, that’s why there are consequences for our actions. Crusoe disobeyed constantly to which as a result gets stranded on some island. That’s basically God’s punishment for him, for disobeying his father, and most importantly God.

Thanks for reading this essay. I hope you liked it or learned something new from it. I’ll be posting more soon and have a great rest of your day!

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