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Western Civ 2 Lesson 85: Answering 3 topic questions for this essay

1. What does the evidence show about education in England before the compulsory state system was established?

The Elementary Education Act of 1870 was the first of a number of acts of parliament passed between 1870 and 1893 to create compulsory education in England and Wales for children aged between five and 13. It was known as The Forster Act after its sponsor William Forster. The evidence lies in the forster Act itself.

2. What is classical liberalism?

Classical liberalism is a philosophy that arose in the European Enlightenment and that served as a foundation for the political system of the United States. It emphasizes the independence of the individual and the responsibility of self-government. Freedom is seen as a key human right expressed as freedom of speech, religion, association, trade, and so on, and its achievement is thought to contribute to social progress.

3. Discuss several classical liberal themes that can be found in the work of Benjamin Constant.

Benjamin Constant concluded that constitutional monarchy was better suited than republicanism to maintaining Modern Liberty. He was drafting the “Acte Additional” of 1815, which transformed Napoleon’s restored rule into a modern constitutional monarchy. Benjamin is basically turning things into a more modern way (in those times).

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