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Government 1B Lesson 5: Answering 2 topic questions for this essay

1.) What does John Locke mean by self-ownership? How does he think goods in the state of nature come to be owned by individuals?

By self-ownership, John Locke means that the idea that humans have pre-established property rights for themselves and the products of their labor.

Locke starts out with the idea of the property of person- each person owns his or her own body and all the labor that they perform with the body. When someone adds their own labor, their own property, to an object or good, then that object becomes their own because that someone has added their labor.

2.) How does Rothbard defend the idea of self-ownership?

Rothbard stated the self-ownership in this way: The basic proposition of libertarian political theory holds that every man is a self-owner, having absolute authority over his own body. This means that no one else may justly conquer, or fight against, another person.

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