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Western Civ 2 Lesson 100: Answering 2 topic questions for this essay

1. Discuss two weak points in the views of Karl Marx, and explain what’s wrong with them.

One of the weak point Karl Marx had was his urge for perfection. I think it’s kind of obvious of what’s wrong with this point. The world itself isn’t perfect and never will be, but we can create things to help make life easier. Him striving for absolute perfection is an impossible claim to follow for you can’t make things perfect, but help make things in life better and easier for the community and for humankind.

Another weak point is to have everyone be fully equal, which means religion amongst everyone should be equal therefore following one religion. Which is not ideal, because everyone believes in different things, especially nowadays. It would be nice to have everyone believing in the same thing, makes life easier indeed, but this isn’t so- therefore Marx’s point on equality isn’t relevant.

2. What were Herbert Spencer’s views, as you encountered them in the reading for this week? Does he deserve to be called a “Social Darwinist”?

Herbert Spencer’s ideas were similar to a libertarian, because he believed in the government being uninvolved in the whole world, on a personal level of every citizen and didn’t agree with the idea of government welfare programs. We would get taxed heavily for the supply to the whole country. Since he wrote his beliefs and ideas in a famous doctrine called social Darwinism, then he must therefore be a social Darwinist as he believes in the similar things that Darwin believes in.

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