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Government 1B Lesson 25: Answering 2 topic questions for this essay

1.) What are the arguments for and against government science funding?

Governments are simply interested in science for the sake of science. Funding science by concentrating money on the best people may lead to economic impact, public value, and useful strategic science, but it’s not a great way of ensuring it.

2.) Is “income inequality” a problem, in your opinion? Why or why not?

Why does inequality matter? Societies that are hugely imbalanced and unequal ultimately become fractured which in turn lead to painful social and economic consequences that affect everyone. Neither the rich nor the poor will be able to avoid the huge social costs of a fractured society.

Health: Societies that are more unequal tend to have lower life expectancies, higher infant mortality, and high levels of diseases and conditions such as HIV/AIDS

Social mobility: Income Inequality restricts social mobility- equality of opportunity is enhanced by greater income equality. Reduced social mobility further complicate income inequality and this becomes a vicious spiral from which an effective functioning economy becomes more difficult.

Social challenges and issues: Income Inequality breeds corruption. Unequal societies also lead to greater economic instability. The lack of economic opportunity or equality is one of the main drivers leading to revolt.

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